Calling all festival goers…

….who could use a spare $25

We’re constantly building, breaking, improving and testing. And the more people we have using Hot Hot Cold at music festivals and other outdoor events, the better we’ll become. So, next time you’re heading to a music festival, reach out and let us know. If you meet our criteria, you could score a 1 of 10 monthly $25 gift cards.

  1. Have an iPhone

  2. Attend an outdoor music event / festival with at least 3 + friends with iPhones

  3. Use the app to find your friends throughout the event (don’t lose them on purpose, but when you’re splitting up, use it to reconnect)

  4. Provide us feedback and some photos of you using Hot Hot Cold at the event.

  5. First 10 that meet this criteria each month will score the gift card (and a lot of thanks and good vibes from us).

Here’s how to get invovled

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